About The Department

Located in the scenic green campus of Adamas University, Kolkata, the Department of Physics started its activity in 2015. The department is an active beehive of research being carried out in the wide variety of frontier areas as well as high quality Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral programs. The research program of the department cover both pure and applied physics areas like Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics, Theoretical Nano-Science, Material Science, Microelectronics, Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Applied Electronics, and many more…

The department has flexibility in framing courses and conducting tests and examinations. The Department conducts programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as at the Doctoral Research levels. Establishment of state-of-the art experimental and computational facilities has allowed us to venture into advanced domains of pure Physics like Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science, High Energy Physics, Biophysics and Nanoscience as well as emergent career oriented interdisciplinary area like Medical Physics and Instrumentation With a vibrant and active Ph.D. program, in which research students are currently enrolled, Department of Physics thrives to be one of the leading research group of the world.

In addition to these programs conducted by the Department, the faculties regularly offer several core and elective physics courses to the Engineering, Science (other than Physics) and Law students of the University.


Vision of the Physics department is to lay the foundational stone of excellence and spur development of the University as a premier Institution in the field of Physics, by igniting and nurturing enthusiasm, interests and passion, among the students through the advanced curricula.


1: To provide quality training to the students for Physics education and equip them with skills required for higher studies in International and National institutions of great repute.

2: To motivate young minds and unravel their talents both in the fields of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative teaching learning methods and assessment throughout the year.

3: To provide the students state of the art knowledge through upgraded and advanced curricula, hands on training in state of the art laboratories and in high end computation and simulation to make them competent from a global perspective.

4: To enable the students having a clear perspective of ongoing research activities in different fields of Physics by introducing several enriched courses like “Seminar on Contemporary in Physics”, “Dissertation”, “Projects” etc.

5: To prepare the students ready for industry oriented jobs by having hands on training through “Summer Internship” program in different reputed Companies or Research Organizations.

6: To bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready and relevant and dutiful towards society, by adding various value added courses like “Design Thinking”, “Venture Ideation”, “Human Values and Ethics”etc.

7: To add to the values of the University by introducing pioneering programs like M.Sc. (Tech) in Medical Physics and Instrumentation which is more job oriented program.

8: To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous Improvement in all aspects of academic and administrative issues.


  • State of the Art Lab Facility
    • General Undergraduate Lab
    • General Post graduate Lab
    • Optics Lab
    • Medical Physics Lab
    • Electronics Lab
    • Material Science Lab
    • LASER and Fiber Optics Lab
  • Highly qualified and Experienced Faculty members
  • High End Computational Lab and Advanced level software training (Matlab, Mathematica etc.)
  • UGC Approved, Research Driven and Industry focused CBCS/Elective Based curriculum
  • Offering of Minors with additional but optional Credits as per National Education Policy
  • Grooming for Higher Education to obtain Scholarships in India and Abroad
  • Implementation of Outcome Based Education
  • Industry/Research Institute collaboration for Summer Internship
  • Compulsory Dissertation and Publication in International Journals
  • Research Driven Teaching and Research Publications by Students
  • Soft Skill Development by skilled professionals.
  • Extracurricular Club Activities
  • Nearly 30 Lacs of Research Grants received from Industry
  • Around 25 Lacs of Project Grants received from DRDO
  • 100+ Journals (SCI/SCOPUS) in last 5 years (including High Impact Journals like Physical Review B, Applied Surface Science, Europhysics Letters, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Chemical Physics Letters, IEEE Transactions etc. )
  • 5 + Patents filed
  • MOU signed with Industries
  • Edited Conference Proceedings from IOPScience, AIP Conference, Springer, Elsevier etc..
  • 1st and 2nd National Conference on Frontiers in Modern Physics NCFMP2018 and NCFMP2020
  • 1st International Conference on Advanced in Medical Physics and Healthcare Engineering (AMPHE2020)
  • National Workshop on Flying Robotics and Automation 2018
  • IPR Workshop
  • Seminars and Guest Lectures by eminent personalities from Academia and Industry

Dr. Bimal Kumar Sarkar

Director (P&M) and Professor

Department of Physics, School of Basic & Applied Sciences

Vidwan Profile

Dr. Moumita Dey

Head Of The Department

Department Of Physics, School of Basic & Applied Science

Dr. Moumita Dey, alumni of Calcutta University, completed her graduation from Bidhan Nagar Govt. College, Kolkata and received her Master’s degree in Pure Physics from University of Calcutta with specialization in Condensed Matter Physics. In the same year she joined Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP), one of the premier research institutes in India to pursue Ph.D. After successful completion of one year Post-M.Sc. Associateship course at SINP, she started her PhD work at the Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Division of SINP and was awarded PhD degree. She joined Adamas University as an Assistant Professor of Physics IN 2015. Dr. Dey is presently working as the Head of the Department in Department of Physics.

Dr. Dey is a frontline researcher in the area of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Spintronics with 10+ years of research and 5+ years of teaching experience. She is a theoretical physicist who loves teaching with passion and also proficient in providing leadership to form a department. Having a leadership experience of 4+ years including 2 years as Founder Head of the Dept. of Physics, Adamas University, she is a person with coherent expertise of academics and administration.


Her research interests mainly focus on spin dependent transport in low-dimensional quantum systems. Her research interests span over several topics in theoretical nano-science e.g., Quantum transport in molecular bridge systems, Spin transport in magnetic systems, Multi-terminal conductance formulation, Spin Hall Effect, Quantum Hall effect, Thermoelectric study in molecular wires, NEGF technique: Keldysh formalism, effect of electron-phonon interactions on quantum transport etc. She has published around 25 peer review research articles in reputed international journals and also presented her work in various national and international conferences. She has also done collaborative research work with Indian Statistical Institute and Visva-Bharati. She is also member of Faculty Council of School of Basic and Applied Science (SOBAS) and member of Academic Council, Adamas University.

Vidwan Profile


Dr. Bimal Kumar Sarkar

Director (P&M) and Professor

Dr. Moumita Dey

Associate Professor and Head

Specialization: Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Nanoscience

Prof. Moumita Mukherjee

Professor, Department of Physics and Dean, R&D, Adamas University

Specialization: Electronics, Biomedical Instrumentation

Dr. Tamal Kumar Mukherjee

Associate Professor

Specialization: High Energy Physics, Astrophysics

Dr. Swarup Kumar Neogi

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Material Science, Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Papiya Dhara

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Applied Physics, Photonics and Fiber Optics

Dr. Diptasikha Das

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Material Science, Condensed Matter Physics 

Dr. Satarupa Biswas

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Medical Physics, Biomedical Instrumentation

Dr. Purba Bhattacharya

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics, Detector Instrumentation

Prof. Aparajita Bhattacharya

Visiting Professor

Specialization: Nuclear and Particle Physics

Dr. Pradip Kumar Dutta

Guest Faculty

Specialization: Atomic and Molecular Physics

Career Paths with Physics

  • Pursue Higher Education and Research in Pure and Applied Areas of Physics
  • Faculty member in different Research Organizations, Research Labs
  • Faculty Member in different Government and Private Colleges, Engineering Colleges and Universities
  • Scientist in DRDO, ISRO and other Central Govt. organizations
  • Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer
  • Banking and Finance Sectors
  • Data Analyst in different finance and IT sectors
  • Scientist in different R&D units of several Companies
  • Econophysicist
  • Meteorologist
  • Educator in School Level
  • Administrative Jobs in different Government sectors