About The Department

The Department of Geography, Adamas University commenced its classes from the academic session 2015-16 under School of Sciences. Apart from adapting Choice based credit system, the department also offers, skill enhancement courses, basic mathematics courses to understand a few essential mathematical concepts of Geography, offers industrial internship to all students to make the students industry ready professionals through national and international collaborations. The Department has research network with reputed organizations like Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, University College Dublin, Ireland, University of Southampton, England, International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Jadavpur University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing to name a few.


The department at present has eight teaching, research and non-teaching staffs. The faculty members have different research backgrounds like urban studies, medical and cultural geography, fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, disaster management and so on. The students of the department are enthusiastically participating in different extra and co-curricular activities like, sports, singing, dancing, model making, decoration, organizing workshop and conferences etc along with their regular classes. Unlike traditional methods of studying geography, the department offers strong hand-on training to the undergraduate and postgraduate students in solving real-world spatial problems. Five programs are offered by the department:

  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Geography
  • M.Sc. Geography
  • M.Sc. Geoinformatics
  • Ph.D. Geography


To achieve excellence for imparting quality higher education and skills in Geography that can serve to the society adopting the changing versatility of job and research opportunities.


1: Create highly qualified and employable geographers by imparting quality education and research aptitude

2: Enhance the skills of Geoinformatics and data analysis along with encourage for entrepreneurship, innovativeness, self-learning in an interdisciplinary domain

3: To foster professional ethics and responsibilities for the organization, society and environment

4: To promote collaborations with industries, research institutes and experts for transmitting up-to-date knowledge, training, research skills and connection with the world

5: To enable the students having a clear perspective of ongoing research activities in different fields of Geography by introducing several enriched courses like “Seminar on Contemporary research in Geography and Geoinformatics”, “Dissertation”, “Projects” etc.

6: To prepare the students ready for industry oriented jobs by having hands on training through “Summer Internship” program in different reputed Companies or Research Organizations.

7: To bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready and relevant and dutiful towards society, by adding various value added courses like “Design Thinking”, “Venture Ideation”, “Human Values and Ethics”etc.

8: To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous Improvement in all aspects of academic and administrative issues.


  • State of the Art Lab Facility
    • Cartography Lab
    • Physical Geography Lab
    • Geoinformatics Lab I
    • Geoinformatics Lab II
  • Highly qualified and Experienced Faculty members
  • High End Computational Lab and Advanced level software training
  • UGC Approved, Research Driven and Industry focused CBCS/Elective Based curriculum
  • Offering of Minors with additional but optional Credits as per National Education Policy
  • Grooming for Higher Education to obtain Scholarships in India and Abroad.
  • Implementation of Outcome Based Education.
  • Industry/Research Institute collaboration for Summer Internship
  • Compulsory Dissertation and Publication in International Journals
  • Research Driven Teaching and Research Publications by Students.
  • Soft Skill Development by skilled professionals.
  • Extracurricular Club Activities
  • Research Collaboration with
    • Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
    • University College Dublin, Ireland
    • University of Southampton, England
    • International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    • Jadavpur University
    • University of Calcutta
    • Jawaharlal Nehru University
    • Indian Statistical Institute
    • Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
  • 4 SEED Projects
  • 20 + Journals (SCI/SCOPUS) in last 5 years
  • MOU signed with Industries
  • Edited Conference Proceedings ,IOP Science
  • Faculty Development Programme / Summer Training on Climate Change analysis using R and Cloud Computation, 19-26 July 2021 (Planned)
  • Future Geographers – V: Exploring the career goals and competencies, 202, 3rd July, 2021 Special lecture on: Mitigation Suggestives on Storm and Water Surges in the Sundarbans in light of Human Pursuits in the area by Dr. Snehamanju Basu, Registrar, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Future Geographers – IV: Exploring the career goals and competencies, 26nd June, 2021 Special lecture on: Lessons from the past: exploring the Quaternary environment by Dr. Sujay Bandyopadhyay, Department of Geography, Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol, WB, India
  • Future Geographers – III: Celebrating the World Oceans Day, 19th of June, 2021 Panel discussion on Climate change and our oceans
  • Webinar on Future Geographers – II: Exploring the career goals and competencies, 22nd May, 2021 Special lecture on: Understanding the Earth Surface by Prof. Sunil Kumar De, North Eastern Hill University
  • International Conference on “Geospatial Science for Digital Earth Observation (GSDEO), 2021” on 26-27 March 2021
  • Celebration of National Science Day on 28 February 2021
  • Future Geographers – I: A Panel discussion on the Road Map for Geographers on 25 February 2021
  • Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights: A Scientist’s Perspective on 3-5 February 2021
  • International Webinar on “Challenges Of Climate Change And Sustainable Development Goals" on 27 June 2020
  • Webinar on Application of GIS-RS based techniques and research horizon in geographical studies on 20 June 2020
  • Panel Discussion on “The Science of Places: Exploring the Career Goals and Competencies of Future Geographers” on 31 May 2020
  • Webinar on “Road Map of Future Geographers, 2020” on 18 May 2020
  • National Symposium For Future Geographers(NSFG) on 3-6 March 2020
  • Celebration of World GIS Day on 22 November 2019
  • Special Lecture on Statistics for beginners by Dr. Baidyanath Pal on 30 August 2019
  • Special Lecture On Geomorphology -Origin, Relevance And New Direction by Dr. Priyank Pravin Patel on 23 August 2019
  • Special Lecture On Climate Change And Sustainable Development In The Ganges Delta by Prof. Sugata Hazra on 24 June 2019
  • Workshop on Rad Map of Future Geographers: Drone Technology and Geospatial Analysis on 27-27 March 2019
  • World GIS Day-Exploring the World Through GIS on 15 November 2018
  • Special Lecture on Modelling natural processes and resources by Dr. KK Das on 2 November 2018
  • Workshop on “Geospatial Data Analysis Using Open Source Software” on 17-19 April 2018

Dr. Kasturi Mukherjee

Associate Professor and Head

Department of Geography,School of Basic and Applied Sciences

Dr. Kasturi Mukherjee is Associate Professor and Head, Department of Geography, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Adamas University and Visiting Researcher in Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. She has received her PhD on Urban Climate, from the University of Calcutta. Dr. Mukherjee has completed post graduation degree in Geography with specialization in Environmental Geography and Post Graduation Diploma in Geoinformatics. She is a gold medalist for securing 1st rank in the university in post graduation and she has received best paper award two times in 2010 and 2018. Dr. Mukherjee has joined Adamas University in 2015 as an Assistant Professor. Her research interest is focused on urban climate, sustainable development, peri-urban development.

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Career Paths in Geography

  • Pursue Higher Education and Research in Geography / Geoinformatics/ M.Plan (Masters of Planning)
  • Researchers/ Faculty positions in different Research Organizations, Research Labs
  • Researchers/ Faculty positions in different Government and Private Colleges, Engineering Colleges and Universities
  • Educator in School Level
  • Scientist in Development and planning commission/ HRD
  • GIS analyst
  • Cartographer/ Surveyor
  • Disaster preparedness planners
  • Environmentalists and consultants
  • Remote sensing analysts
  • Hydrologists and water conservation planner
  • Meteorologist
  • Demographers
  • Environmental/urban manager
  • Public health analysts
  • Transportation planners
  • Administrative Jobs in different Government sectors