About The Department

The Department of Mathematics, since its establishment in 2015, has been actively engaged in teaching and research in various branches of Mathematical Sciences. Mathematical knowledge has an indispensable role to play in the progress of society and is continuing its growth through the integration with other fields of studies as well as inculcating innovative ideas among the next generation of mathematicians. A scholar in Mathematics learns how the world around him/her functions on a fundamental level, the small changes in value, and the intricacies of our physical world.

The Department offers graduate, postgraduate courses and Ph.D. programmes in Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science. Department consists of thirteen highly qualified faculty members to make sure the best education imparted to the students. The faculty members are also actively involved in research and carrying out projects. The research program of the department cover both Mathematics and Statistics areas like Abstract Algebra, Functional Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Optimization & Operations Research, Stochastic Process, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Thermo-elasticity, Mathematical Modelling of Biosciences, and many more.

We look for important connections with other disciplines also, so that it will be helpful in growing the interest among the students to learn mathematics. Innovative mathematical reasoning may lead to new insights and applications. The department tries its best to cater the needs of the institute where specific tailored courses are being offered to the engineering departments as well as other departments from grass roots level. The students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their organizational skills and group dynamics. They are motivated to handle seminars and participate in group discussions. Apart from emphasizing consistent and good academic performance, the department encourages participation of students in curricular and co-curricular activities to bring out the best in them.

Our Vision

Vision of the Mathematics department is to create a centre of academic excellence in Mathematics and Statistics through active teaching-learning and collaborative research.

Our Mission

  1. To deliver graduates with considerable Mathematical and Statistical skills along with real-world problem solving ability
  2. To create a framework to nurture students through outcome based education towards building a strong foundation in mathematical sciences for academia and industry
  3. To conduct fundamental and cutting-edge collaborative research on mathematical and interdisciplinary fields
  4. To contribute towards development of mathematical foundation in pan-university level.


  • UGC approved CBCS syllabus
  • Opportunity to learn programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python, R, Matlab
  • 24 x 7 faculty help available
  • Opportunity to do the internship in industry or institutions of repute
  • Compulsory Research/ industry-based project for final year UG, PG students
  • Getting the opportunity to choose minor subjects with additional but optional Credits as per National Education Policy
  • Special coaching/ training for various competitive examination like NET/GATE/JAM in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Opportunity to meet various academician through attending conference/ workshop/ seminar organized by the department or school
  • “SOBASCARE”- 1 point solution for any problem of the students of SOBAS
  • Campus placement opportunity for UG/ PG students
  • Extracurricular Club Activities
  • 20+ Journals (SCI/SCOPUS) in last 5 years (including High Impact Journals like Nonlinear Dynamics, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, Annals of Data Science, Acta Geophysica, etc.)
  • One Patent filed
  • 10+ Book Chapters/ Proceedings (Springers, IEEE, IOP, etc.)
  • National Workshop on Statistical methods & R Programming 2019
  • Seminars and Guest Lectures by eminent personalities from Academia and Industry

Dr. Nav Kumar Mahato

Head Of The Department

Department of Mathematics, School of Basic & Applied Science

Dr. Nav Kumar Mahato, alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), ISM Dhanbad, completed his M.Sc. (Mathematics and Computing) in 2006 and MPhil (Applied Mathematics) in 2007. He has also been awarded a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Hydrodynamics and Hydrological modelling from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad in 2013. Prior to that Dr. Mahato has completed his graduation from Vinobha Bhave University, Hazaribagh. He joined Adamas University as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in 2015. Dr. Mahato is presently working as Associate Professor and Head of the Department in Department of Mathematics under School of Basic and Applied Sciences (SOBAS).

Dr. Nav Kumar Mahato has more than 13 years of research as well as teaching experience. Prior to joining Adamas University he has worked in different reputed institutes in West Bengal and Odisha. Having an administrative experience of 6+ years and 2+ years as Founder Head of the Dept. of Mathematics, Adamas University, he is known for his impeccable teaching style with a blend of technology and present learning needs.

His areas of interest encompass Analytical/Numerical modelling of solute transport in geological formations. His research interests extend over several topics in hydrodynamics and hydrological modelling such as sediment transport, groundwater modelling, rainfall, draught analysis etc. He is also interested in transport modelling in biological sciences. He has published around 16 peer review research articles in reputed international journals and also presented her work in various national and international conferences. Currently he is also handing responsibilities in school and university level such as Coordinator of Planning and Monitoring from SOBAS, Member of Board of Research, and Member of departmental Student Grievance Redressal Committee for SOBAS etc.

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Dr. Nav Kumar Mahato

Associate Professor & HoD

Specialization: Hydrodynamics dispersion,

Analytical/Numerical modelling of solute transport modeling

Vidwan Profile: https://vidwan.inflibnet.ac.in/profile/159854

Dr. Santanu Biswas (On Lien)

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling,Mathematical Epidemiology, Fractional calculus

Dr. Aditya Ghosh

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Bio-Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling

Dr. Satyajit Das

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Multi-Criteria Decision Making Problem, Fuzzy Optimization

Dr. Vaskar Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Chance constraint programming, Multi-echelon Closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) model, Inventory control & production management, Optimization in Cloud & Fog Computing applications.

Dr. Supriyo Mazumder

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Topology, Algebra, Module Theory

Dr. Sudip Jana

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Ocean Observation and Data Analysis; Numerical Ocean modeling and Forecasting

Dr. Avik Pradhan

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Stochastic Optimization, Robust Optimization, Multi-criterion decision making

Dr. Monimala Nej

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Combinatorial Matrix Theory, Algebra and Number Theory, Biomathematics, Plasma Physics

Dr. Sutapa Santra

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Thermoelasticity, Solid Mechanics

Dr. Sumit Som

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Functional analysis, Topology, Fixed point theory

Dr. Arindam Kundu

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Numerical Analysis, Quantitative & Mathematical

Finance: Asset pricing, Option Pricing & Volatility Modelling, Non-parametric Regression/Modelling, Numerical Modelling and Simulation with MATLAB and Monte-Carlo simulations

Mr. Soumitra Chowdhury

Adjunct Professor, Department of Mathematics 

Specialization: Theoretical Seismology


Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling of Solute Transport Problem

Mr. Aniruddha Choudhuri

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Demography (https://science.adamasuniversity.ac.in/mathematics/)

Mr. Brijesh Kumar Jha

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Mathematics

Specialization: Point Estimation, Decision Theory, Bayes Estimator (https://science.adamasuniversity.ac.in/mathematics/)


Mr. Aniruddha Ghosal

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Mathematics

Research Interest: Stock Market Prediction