Specialization: LASER Spectroscopy, Structural Biology, Modelling and theoretical studies

Graduate from Presidency College, M.Sc from Calcutta University, Ph.D from Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (Calcutta University).

Former Professor of Chemistry and Principal of Presidency College, Kolkata.

Research Associate in University of  California, Davis USA (1983- 1987), Visiting Research Professor in University of California, Davis, USA (2001),Visitor to Two Nobel  Laureates  in Cal Tech, USA (2001) , Former Emeritus Scientist, Presidency University.

Author of nearly 100 Publications in International Journals  and 80 Research Abstracts in various International and National conferences.

Reviewer in Journal of  Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, RSC Advances, Biochemistry, Biochimie, Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics Letters, Journal of Luminescence and other Spectroscopy Journals.

Attended  Conferences and Meetings in San Francisco, Berkeley, New York, Washington, London, Paris, Zurich, Melbourne, Auckland, Christchurch, Toronto, Los-Angeles, Singapore.

Email Id: sanjib.ghosh@adamasuniversity.ac.in