Name of the Member: Dr. Julie Mendret

Qualification: Ph.D.

Present Affiliation: European Institute of Membranes (IEM).

Present Designation: Professor

Email Id:

Dr. Julie Mendret is an engineer from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse (INSAT) and a Diploma of Advanced Study (DEA) in Energy and Transfers. She is Doctorate (2007) and post-doctorate in the field of membrane filtration applied to the production of drinking water (LISBP INSAT and LGC). She is a lecturer at the University of Montpellier since September 2009 with the research issue of eliminating refractory compounds in water by processes integrating oxidation, coupled with physical separation (microfiltration, ultrafiltration or nanofiltration). The challenges related to this work lie in: (i) the analysis of the products, as well as any by-products during the oxidation stages, (ii) the definition and realization of pilot laboratory units allowing different processes of oxidation (Ozone, UV) in the presence or absence of suspended or fixed catalysts, in particular on porous membranes, (iii) analysis of the degrees of mixing or local turbulence, (iv) quantification of kinetics and identification of reaction paths. Julie Mendret is coordinator of the ANR JCJC SAWARE “Advanced wastewater treatment process without liquid discharge: towards safe and sustainable wastewater reuse” (2017-2020).