Name of the Member: Dr. Devendra Pradhan

Qualification: Ph.D.

Affiliation: IMD, Delhi

Present Designation: Director

Email Id:

About 40 years of professional and teaching experience in teaching Physics, Meteorology, Electronics and Communications in various organizations mentioned above. Joined India Meteorological Department (IMD) in 1990 and served at different positions with diversified responsibilities starting from Weather Forecast for public, Aviation industry and Hydrology for Quantitative Precipitation estimates, Instrument procurement, Installation and maintenance of the network till the execution of bigger projects worth several Hundred of Crores, including Procurement of Doppler Weather Radars and establishment of a large network of such radars for Flash Flood warning, rainfall measurement and for Hydrological purposes. Projects have been successfully executed for Himalayan states designed for Hydrology and prediction of heavy rainfall events in the next few hours using Lightning Detection Network, DWR and Automatic Rain gauges.