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The School of Science has been established right at the inception of the university in 2015, in the domain of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Geography with a vision, to be recognised globally as a provider of education in Basic and Applied Sciences, fundamental and interdisciplinary research. The School has a rich heritage of qualified teaching and research works in the field of aforesaid subjects. It is currently running UG, PG as well as PhD programmes in many areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Science, Geography. It has started some joint inter-disciplinary programmes in collaboration with other departments.

The School of Science believes that the education is not only conventional book-based classroom pedagogy. It should be outcome-based education, which ensures the professional establishment of graduates. The professional establishment is possible only when a student can acquire the skill through hands-on training and real problem-solving exercise. Building the capability of handling real problem is only possible if research based and project-based learning can be imparted. Accordingly, the academic programmes are being designed towards project and research directions. The school enriched of a pool of well knowledgeable professors, is committed to impart student centric Outcome Based Education through project and research-based pedagogy and State-of-the art laboratory facility.

Science at Adamas


Adamas School of Science is the very embodiment of learning and application of reasoning, as much as it is the basis for encouraging rational thought. With endless possibilities for research and development in a wide range of subjects, students eager to explore will benefit greatly from the esteemed panel of professors and co-educators who have devoted their lives to inspire and arouse curiosity in the minds of both current and prospective students. Such a thing is possible only because all of us at Adamas University take great care to uplift and maintain the educational standards – both imparted by teachers and internalised by students. The extent of learning formulated by the Adamas School of Science is limitless, as it is rewarding. Come; be a part of the Adamas orbit to help bring in a new era of science and exploration.

Adamas University is the only University that is dedicated to nation building and offers to train students for central and state government jobs alongside their degree programmes.

International Milieu

The University has partnered with more than 36 international Universities across 18 countries. International student and faculty exchange programmes, joint research programmes, etc. all combine to give students an invaluable experience necessary to be come global citizens.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our flexible course structure allows students to develop an interdisciplinary orientation by choosing electives and minor courses from a variety of other disciplines. An International Relations student can also study Law, for example.


East India’s largest University with 120 acres of lush green campus where a real life application focused curriculum is supported by innovative and well equipped labs to develop solutions for the challenges in sciences through value-based science education and conduct research leading to innovation in Sciences.

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Prof. (Dr.) Bimal Kumar Sarkar

Dean School of Science

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal Kumar Sarkar graduated in physics at Jadavpur University, India and Electrical Engineering at Institute of Engineers (India). He did his Ph.D. form Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India. He pursued postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. Afterward he visited in research positions at NSYSU, Taiwan, UCLA, USA, Max Planck Institute, Germany, Czech Technical University, Slovak Technical University. At present, he is Professor and Dean of Science at Adamas University, India with activity in research and teaching. He is involved in the field of Material and Bio-Physics. In May 2018, he had 113 articles published in international peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

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